Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

The AW Foundation believes that everyone should have the opportunity to live their lives without the trauma and pain caused from all forms of inflicted abuse.

Our goal is reach as many people as possible, sharing with them our guided pathway to freeing their internal spirit and unchaining their soul.

Providing the individual with the tools and support needed to assist them, so that they can successfully move past the use of substances and self-destructive choices regaining control of their lives.

Our Vision

The AW Foundation’s vision is to empower people living with pain and trauma to regain control of their own life experience, through finding peace within themselves. Thus, allowing them to take back control of their own lives in a pure positive way!

Our Values

Guidance – The AW Foundation promises to carefully guide all individuals throughout their engagement experience together with us

Empowerment – AW Foundation empowers all individuals to live a joyful, self-sustainable and fulfilling life

Support – AW Foundation commits to providing genuine support and care to all individuals associated with our foundation

Respect – The AW Foundation respects and values all individuals associated with the foundation, along with the wider community

Change – The AW Foundation believes through positive participation change is possible, the impossible becomes possible

Encouragement – The AW Foundation encourages all individuals to live their best life experience

Inclusiveness – The AW Foundation is an all-inclusive and non-judgemental community focused organization