About Us


AW Foundation

The AW Foundation directly supports the mental health and spiritual wellbeing of global citizens via the implementation of the VABMS programs through the AW Foundation in partnership with Austwide Industries Pty Ltd. The AW Foundation indirectly supports a wide variety of people through our partners including providing support for junior schooling and educational needs, as well as community housing accommodation and services.

Established in 2021, The AW Foundation has been created to provide access to the unique VABMS programs available, assisting is guiding individuals to finding peace and spiritual freedom. The AW Foundation is an all inclusive foundation that does not discriminate on the basis or sexual orientation, race, colour or creed. We are all part of the same earth and our physical body’s will all return to our earth when such time arrives. The AW Foundation prides itself on providing an extremely high level of care and support to all who come in contact with us. Please contact the team at AW Foundation for any further details or to enquire how you can assist in having a positive influence.